Construction Vessel
Building HQ


The Construction Vessel (CV) carries all the parts necessary to build a single station. Once it has arrived at its location, it will build parts of that station out of its own components, meaning it is good for only a single use. Any wares bought by the CV before the build order has been given will be placed in locked storage containers that will not open again until construction begins. This means that the CV cannot be used to sell wares.


Ship info

Ship size: Extra Large (XL)

Shield strengh: 1 200 000 HP

Hull strenght: 1 400 000 HP

Cargobay: n/a

Max speed: 74 m/s

Total DPS: n/a

+4km DPS: n/a

Estimated price: 12 390 000 CR

Production info

Bio-optic wiring: 12

Energy cells: 320

Food rations: 70

Fusion reactors: 4

Podkletnov Generators: 6

Microchips: 14

Plasma-flow regulators: 4

Reinforced metal plating: 8

Scanning array: 6

Ship showcase

Construction Vessel

Construction Vessel

Building HQ


Armed transporter

Phoenix Marauder

Phoenix Marauder

Armed transporter