X: Rebirth
Ship list

X: Rebirth ships

The list below contains all currently available ships ingame that range from simple drones and URVs, small and medium fighters, escort, scout and battle frigates to massive combat capitals that wield devastating fire-power.

Extra small

These smallest automated vessels are usually used as extra hands for transferring various cargo types from freighters to stations and back, gathering asteroid parts during the mining process, personnel transfer or simply for quick defence which provides a basic layer of security to traders throughout the galaxy.


Even though their fire-power doesn't pose a great threat to any of the bigger ships or the Albion Skunk, it is their combined efforts that make small ships dangerous. The Xenon especially utilize these tactics by swarming enemy ships in large numbers of small disposable vessels, usually accompanied by one of their bigger frigates.


Not many ships come in medium sizes when it comes to current habitable zones. Financing the constant upgrades of medium fighters doesn't compensate their durability in combat which made most of the races stick to just a handful of different models when it comes to militarization. On the other hand - a few medium freighters are available and mostly used for zone trading between close stations making the economy in such zones self efficient.


Vessels of this size are majorly utilized throughout the sectors for all imaginable tasks. If combat ready, large ships stand their ground combining a wide range of fire-power and modules making them suitable for various military actions such as escorts, covert ops or just straight-on attack. Freighters of this class are perfect for budget trading and will be ships of choice for all trading oriented players early on in the game.

Extra large

These ships are a crown jewel of any fleet regardless of race and faction. Extra large vessels, also known as capitals, allow you to trade huge amounts of wares between distant sectors easily. For the commanders among you, owning a capital destroyer means bringing peace and security to visiting zones or just pure mayhem and destruction if you like to walk on the other side of the law...