The long wait is over and the acclaimed X series welcomes the latest addition to its ranks! X4: Foundation has been released and Alpha Orbital has a copy to give!

The base idea behind every single X game is freedom. Your own choices made inside a beautiful space sim sandbox that can take you anywhere between crunching rocks in an asteroid belt, shooting bad guys (or good guys!), helping other pilots in need (or being a nasty pirate?) all the way to owning your own space empire of fleets and stations, making you millions throughout the sector while you stand upon the bridge of your fleet capital ship basking in pride.

X4 returns bigger and stronger than any X game before with a heavy burden upon its shoulders carrying over the legacy of its predecessor's release. The game had a smooth launch with no major game braking issues and the bugs reported are already being worked on. Knowing Egosoft and the way they care for their games – We’re bound to get very frequent patches and quickfixes in the upcoming months following the release.

Now, I personally haven’t spent as much time as I’d like in X4 to write a review just yet – but from what I’ve seen, this just might be what everyone’s been asking for for years. Yes, of course there are some hiccup moments like bouncing around a station while requesting docking, but the overall experience really leaves a good feeling of a promising title with tons of already game ready features!

Things like flying basically every single ship ingame, the new and improved interface, the new full-screen map with valuable info about sector stations and ships flying by right at your fingertips, improved comms chatter that sprinkles more life into the breathing universe and whatever is going on around you, ship customization and various new UI elements that make X4 a real PC title that brings back the awesomsauce of space back where it belongs.

Win a copy of X4: Foundations!

Now, to kick off the holiday spirit right at the start of December – Alpha Orbital is giving away one Steam copy of X4: Foundations! With our friends over at Egosoft, we managed to get our Teladi profitable hands on a copy of the game ready to dock straight at your computer! All you have to do is leave a comment below of one of your space mischiefs or simply what are you looking forward to once you start your space empire career.

The winner will be chosen at random on December 8th!

Note: Emails left in the comment section will be used exclusively to contact and verify the lucky winner. No spam. No fake newsletters. Simple as that.

Update: The giveaway is closed. You can find the lucky winner here.