If you haven't been paying attention, there are some really strange new things going on in the galaxy lately. First, there was a huge number of systems that were shut down, all around nebulas, and now we get reports of unknown alien probes…

Thanks to several brave commanders, we are now aware of various encounters with unknown probes of alien origin. It all started with some interesting coms chatter between security vessels so many commanders rushed to investigate themselves.

It took a short while to confirm that there are, in fact, alien probes popping up around the populated space. But be warned if you come across any of them yourself. Even though you can make a hefty sum of money for selling them (a bit over 400,000 Credits), the unknown probe will damage your systems as long as you carry it in your cargo bay.

As time passes, it is becoming more and more obvious we are getting close to the day when we just might have to unite together against a common enemy… Or perhaps – side with them to form new alliances?