Commanders have made two more INRA base discoveries this week, shining a light on the organisation and its troubled history.

The first site alludes to INRA reverse-engineering Thargoid technology to make new shields, weapons and power management tools. This included replicating Thargoid drive technology and some devastating experiments with wormholes.

Another base seemed to have been under a large-scale attack by the Thargoids. The attack was set up by the organisation to trial their newly-developed weaponry, but they did not expect to see a Thargoid mothership.

Taipan AX1

A spokesperson for Faulcon DeLacy has announced that the manufacturer has teamed up with Aegis to produce a new version of its popular fighter the Taipan. The spokesperson confirmed that the development was a direct response to the rising Thargoid threat. The ship has been equipped with two AX multi-cannons, to make it more effective against Thargoid vessels. The ship will be available from the 13th of November 3303.