Alton Haveri reports as Capsuleer aid prevents a number of Triglavian assault forces from destroying EDENCOM production facilities and stealing technology.

In a change of tactical approach, CONCORD and the four Empires have set up EDENCOM, led by Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, to provide a unified command for fortification and defense across New Eden.

The Triglavians seem to be amassing an invasion fleet at a dedicated staging area, with a number of unknown structures of mysterious purpose on site. Kasiha Valkanir assures that new weapons are being developed and built, and the Arataka Research Consortium report on potential invasion targets.

You can check the full report here.

CCP stream covers Triglavian lore

Also earlier today, CCP hosted a long stream covering all the happenings ranging from the Caroline star up to the latest events regarding Drifters and Triglavians. The show hosted some prominent names from the Arataka Research Consortium as well as CCP developers.

During the lenghty session a lot of lore bits were commented on, some tinfoil-hattery has been made as well as a few hints of the upcoming plans of the upcoming final invasion chapter. If you missed it by any chance, the full stream will be available on this link.