A growing number of capsuleers have reported new and unusual findings in Abyssal deadspace. Recent reports tell a story about, what looks like, Triglavian construction sites!

Lina Ambre reports on the recent discovery of Triglavian construction site leading to the interception of fragmented Triglavian communications. These new pockets seem like an anomaly encountered while using Tier 5 Abyssal filaments. What makes them unique apart from the previously unknown location is the fact that the exit gate is active upon arrival.

Capsuleers report heavily defended sites that are guarded by a large number of Triglavian vessels and point out that any engagement would end in disaster. However, a few brave pilots managed to grab the contents of the bioadaptive caches located next to the construction site only to find at least three variants of Triglavian semiosis conduction consoles.

These items are suspected to be some sort of communication devices and CONCORD urges all capsuleers to hand them over for their own safety.