Following the resounding success of the Crab Nebula Expedition, a group of explorers are gathering around their next organized journey named The Galactic Nebula Expedition!

Mission Objective: To scout and catalogue the systems along each main waypoint on the way to the core. With all the activity occurring in the ED universe, the GNE may even see some remarkable discoveries along the way. It will take commanders through some of the most breathtaking parts of the galaxy, and will earn everyone a trip into the infamous 'neutron fields' before concluding at the supermassive black hole at the galactic centre.

The final destination, Sagittarius A* is a location visited by many veteran explorers, however its distance from the bubble can be very intimidating for new players, so this expedition hopes that that an organised event will encourage more explorers to explore the 'core'. 

This will be a “Chill” & safe expedition for the following reasons. It allows commanders to easily catch up with the fleet and this also allows commanders to take roughly a week between waypoints.

If you're interested in joining a big group trip to the galactic core, you can sign up hereDeparture Date is set for September 3rd 3302, 1900 UTC, and the expedition is estimated to run for roughly 72-84 days.

You can find future details on the official forum post or just join the Elite: Dangerous Exploration Discord.