People are almost immune to trolls and random provocations when it comes to online gaming… and even though every community has a few “salty” members – Elite really has one of the best communities out there.

A few days ago I had a discussion about online gaming communities and the difference between age and player profiles when it comes to gaming mind-sets… I wasn’t really planning on writing a post about it but when I came home from work today, reddit greeted me with something I never expected to see: my own screenshot actually pinned on someone else’s wall. Not a desktop wallpaper – an actual full-blown-printout! So once again – a big shout-out to you Commander LordFjord! You made my day! (here's a 7k image for everyone who likes it)

Now, I mentioned a few times already how leaving the solo world behind and joining one of many player groups reinvigorated my Elite game time… Whether you’re taking part of a large expedition, group trade runs, powerplay or just winging up to defend your home system – playing with like-minded people always strengthens your bond with the community and the game you’re playing.

Now, a very frequent downside to any multiplayer title is the potential of a harsh and carcinogenic community. Many people mentioned this on the Elite forums and subreddit in comparison to other similar titles like Star Citizen and, recently flopped, No man’s sky. But at the end of the day, when the lines are drawn – the community around Elite really is one of the warmest gaming communities out there.

I guess it’s mostly due to the fact that the majority of people are actual adults that have a heightened sense of tolerance, but also – people who actually care about their fellow players they never met.

For example - just recently, one of the Small World Expedition members, who goes by the name of Zschmeez, ended up in hospital and the whole SWE Discord server came together to contribute in making of an epic get well card. People from all over the globe sending their good wishes to a random stranger they spent their time playing a game. How awesome is that?

Another example of recent community get-together was the commemoration of Commander Toru where, again – a whole bunch of people showed up to pay their final tribute to one commander who so passionately talked about space and everything related.

On a brighter side – there’s also a big community within a community building up around a few Youtube stars who host the BroCast each Sunday night. If you haven’t heard already – Commanders Turjan Starstone, Josh Hawkins and Shabooka usually organize random fun events for everyone to take part in. Galactic races, rare trade runs or even Sidewinder death fights! So make sure to check out their Youtube channels if you haven’t already.

My point is, if you’re playing Elite (or any other online title) on your own – you’re missing out on a great community that will most probably entice you in the game even further. The first step would be getting out of your comfy solo safety zone… Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help or advice from other commanders. I’m sure every one of them would be glad to talk about the game and share their experience!

Fly safe and see you in the black o7