Another great Elite Dangerous expedition is about to start. This time hundreds of commanders will undertake a journey of a bit over 11,000 light years starting from Epsilon Indi all the way to Crab Pulsar.

The CNE's main objective is to charter the surrounding areas at each waypoint leading up to and including the Crab Nebula. The CNE is also going to be a great sightseeing opportunity for both rookie and veteran explorers alike as the planned route will take all participants to some of the most beautiful locations in Elite: Dangerous.

The expedition starts on June 11th at 19:00 UTC, and if you're interested in a last-minute signup – you can still do so until 23:00 IGT tonight (Friday June 10th).

For more info and the list of brave commanders on the roster, follow the links below.

  • Signup thread
  • Official roster
  • Elite: Dangerous Exploration Discord
  • EDSM Expeditions
  • Exploration reddit (waypoint list)

Fly safe commanders, and see you in the big black o7