In the recent few weeks, the Federation issued multiple capital ships to Merope system, and now there are a lot of tip-offs with mysterious ship logs and even more crashed ships that seem to point to one thing...

Players report finding multiple crash sites with even some new unknown ships in and around Merope system. First news came from a Twitch streamer Kerrash, who apparently had Frontier's permission to break the news of new tip-off missions that will lead you to crashed alien ships POIs.

Not much is yet known, but as with everything in Elite community, we're pretty sure that there will be some juicy news coming our way very soon. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, a group of players gathered together to try and make the first contact as peaceful as possible. They are called the Myrmidon initiative and their full call can be found below.

Good evening Commander

As the impending Thargoid invasion looms on the horizon, we need to discuss a "First Contact Protocol" within the Canonn and indeed the entire community at large. The Myrmidon initiative aims to establish peace from a Role Play perspective during and after first contact and going so far as to be willingly blown up if necessary. The goal is to make an attempt at peace in the Elite: Dangerous lore/history books. First contact and the days that follow will be a key event the game's history.

  • Best case scenario, we end up with Thargoid jump drives.

  • Worst case scenario, we give players all the more reason to justify Thargoid/Human combat.

What ever happens, Frontier can't say we didn't try.

The word Myrmidon comes from a warrior ant/human hybrid race in Greek mythology. The name perfectly fits as a metaphor for what this division of the Canonn are trying to accomplish. We aim to unite Insect and Humans for the greater peace, and make one hell of a story to tell the noobs. As a Myrmidon you must be prepared to fire on human instigators while taking fire from Thargoid vessels. This is a "turn the other cheek" style of "see frontier? we're good people" tactics.

Let it be written on the Wiki in the Thargoid article that Canonn did our damnedest to make peace. Never let Frontier play the "u started it, all hoomanz iz bad" card.