Only a week after the last patch, LGM devs have pushed another patch to the early access version of their upcoming space game. This time enabling all players the long awaited free-camera!

A large focus has been placed on tweaks and features that were requested by the community along with the regular bug-fixes and tweaks. The major change to the game is the free-look camera which is now the default turret view. This change alone is a huge gameplay changer for all players that are used to playing with a keyboard/mouse combo, and fits more to what the rest of the genre has been using for years.

The new camera is fast and responsive, making the game even more enjoyable!

Another change comes in a form of war declarations. You can now freely declare wars between factions without having to drop your stance to hostile. The game has “Warlords” in its title for a reason, no?

If you’re interested in full patch-notes, you can find them here.