Once again curiosity of the unknown drove a big group of commanders to wander into the deep black. This time - strictly flying small ships, they will be mapping space around the bubble providing fresh explorers their first taste of galactical exploration.

With over 300 signups, the Small Worlds Expedition made their first official jump last night giving all the commanders present a magnificent view of dozens of ships entering whichspace together.

As a “small worlder” myself, it’s always a joy to be a part of a big community event like this, especially when it helps newcomers to get their feet wet in space exploration.

The expedition will be passing through 10 waypoints, with meet-ups set two days apart between which all commanders may blaze their own path and explore whatever system they stumble upon.

Hope all of you grab awesome screenshots and have a great time exploring the galaxy!

Fly safe, and fly curiously o7