Take a bunch of Elite celebrities, grab tons of Sidewinders, find one huge crater, toss them all in a gruesome fight to the death and you've got yourself the latest Brocast!

Even though I've been subbed to Youtube channels belonging to CMDR Josh Hawkins, Shabooka and Turjan - somehow I completely missed the Brocast videos. To my surprise - they managed to pull off a full night of fun by organizing a Sidey destruction derby in a local crater.

The rules were simple - Fly very close to the ground, ram people around you and hope to be the last Sidewinder standing... or - actually flying. After a looooong run in the crater, only 3 commanders were crowned as the winners. 3rd place went to CMDR Greytest who barely made it with a wooping 1% hull, the 2nd place went to CMDR Matsgalaxy's Sidewinder with 17% hull left, and the winner of the derby with his hull boasting an unbelievable 42% was CMDR Tomsgalaxy.

If by any chance you're not familiar with the works of commanders Josh Hawkings, Shabooka or Turjan - make sure not to leave this post without subscribing to their Youtube channels.

Fly hazardously commanders o7