Frontier announced an upcoming patch coming to Elite today that will bring forward some frequently asked changes to Engineers and ship material / data holds...

The first change coming in the server updated will be local news articles at the Engineers bases to help direct players to locations where they will be able to source the materials they need. In addition Frontier is increasing the amount of materials players can hold from 600 to 1,000, as well as increasing the amount of Data that can be held from 200 to 500 units.

Alongside these changes some adjustments to the requirements to unlock a couple of Engineers have been made. Specifically, reduced number of rare goods on them down to 50 tonnes and slightly adjusted availability of rare goods in the galaxy. States will still change the allocation of rares but the numbers are more favourable than previously. 

As mentioned above, these changes will be coming into effect today. There will be an additional point update coming which will also include a number of feedback, fixes and changes.