Get your clients ready and hit that update button because patch 2.3 The Commanders is live and ready to roll out through the galaxy!

After a (relatively) long beta, Frontier pushed the 2.3 update on live servers and all commanders should be able to update their clients upon the next login. As with every major update, there are a lot of new features and fixes for Horizons owners as well as the owners of the base game.

If you’re looking for a quick overview of major new features take a peak below.

Holo-Me (Commander Creator)

  • Holo-Me UI added
  • Players can create their own commander using a variety of customisation options and/or presets
  • Player avatars now used in ship cockpits
  • Added holographic effect for commander avatars (when they are not physically present)
  • Hooked up the player avatar display to the comms panel and the commander history, so now chat messages will have a picture of the senders avatar next to them
  • Added Holo-Me option to cockpit Status Panel
  • Added Holo-Me shortcut to Startport Services screen, as well as including player’s current commander profile image
  • Added rank shoulder patches, unlocked with rank
  • Added faction and pirate shoulder patches


  • Multi-Crew availability is based on the number of physical seats on your ship
  • Gunner role added
  • Fighter Con role added
  • Helm role added
  • Matchmaking for different session types added
    • Bounty Hunting
    • Mentor
    • Piracy
    • Mining
    • Exploration
    • Smuggling
  • Session summary screens added
  • Allow friend invitations to Multi-Crew
  • Power Distributor - Non helm Multi-Crew players provide an additional single power distribution pip which they control
  • Added idle animations for other commanders in cockpit
  • Crimes system updated to support Multi-Crew
  • Multi-Crew related stats added
  • Chat interface updated


  • Added Multi-Crew cameras to supported ships
  • Upgraded cockpits for Multi-Crew
    • Adder (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Anaconda (upgraded second and third chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Asp (added second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Asp Scout (added second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Beluga (upgraded second and third chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Cobra MkIII (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Cobra MkIV (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Imperial Clipper (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Corvette (upgraded second and third chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Federal Dropship (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Federal Assault (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Federal Gunship (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Fer de Lance (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Orca (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Cutter (upgraded second and third chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Type 9 (upgraded second and third chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Python (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
    • Vulture (upgraded second chair for Multi-Crew)
  • Dolphin playable ship added
  • Dolphin NPC ships added


  • New mysterious things added
  • New organics added to surfaces

Ship Naming

  • Ship Name and ID plates can now be added via Outfitting
  • Ship names are server moderated if deemed inappropriate then will be masked off to other players
  • If you report a player in-game, we'll now fill in their ship name and ship ID for you
  • Added ship name plates to ships
  • Added ID plates to ships
  • Added ship names to various cockpit UI
  • The start new commander flow will now prompt you to enter a ship name

Camera Suite

  • Added vanity cameras to the ships
  • Players can view their commander and ship from a variety of interior and exterior camera angles, using a range of new camera control options, including:
    • Zoom (Interior, Exterior, with Free Camera enabled)
    • Focus (Exterior, with Depth of Field Enabled)
    • Blur (Interior, Exterior, with Depth of Field Enabled)
    • Roll (Exterior)
    • Elevation (Exterior)
    • Speed (Exterior)
    • Stabiliser On/Off (Exterior)
    • Enable/Disable Ship Controls (Exterior)
    • Detach/Attach Camera With Ship (Exterior)
    • Hide UI (Interior, Exterior)
  • Added free camera to ships
  • Within the vanity camera, players can also select a free camera mode to more freely adjust their camera view (with access to the above camera options)
  • Updated ship cockpit interiors to account for new viewing angles


  • Added asteroid base type station (including air traffic controllers)
  • Added 32 asteroid bases in various deep space locations
  • Added some new challenge scenarios
    • 4 new Incursion scenarios
    • Speed docking
    • Driver challenge
    • Ship launched fighter challenge
  • Added custom engine trails support
  • Added Megaships
    • Tanker
    • Cargo
    • Asteroid Miner
    • Flight Operations
    • Prison Ship
    • Science Vessel
    • Passenger
    • ???
    • ???
  • Added 100 new tourist beacons
  • Added Bucky Ball Beer Mats rare good

For a full list of fixes and improvements make sure to check out the official forum post.