An update that changes nullification and warp core stabilizer gameplay is now live, granting pilots of selected ships new tactical options.

The updates have ultimately been implemented to bring gameplay depth and subtlety to the use of nullification and warp core stabilizers, ensuring they serve a more meaningful role across EVE Online and its community.

Nullification and warp core stabilizers now stand as active modules with a very short activation time and a substantial cooldown between uses. That means select ships can now use them tactically, rather than limited ships being able to take advantage of nullification and warp core stabilizers.

The following ship classes are compatible with the new modules: Interceptors, Blockade Runners, Deep Space Transports, Tech I Industrials, Covert Ops Frigates, Luxury Yachts, and Strategic Cruisers.

This will work as follows:

Warp Nullification Module

  • Interceptors, yachts, and nullification subsystems now have passive nullification removed.
  • Interceptors, yachts, and nullification subsystems have received a new role bonus: 80% reduced target range penalty and reactivation delay for interdiction nullification modules.
  • Interceptors, yachts, and nullification subsystems have now received a new role bonus: 100% increased duration for interdiction nullification modules.
  • Passive nullification has been added to all shuttles.
  • New blueprints, seeding, and manufacturing data have been added for the new modules.

Warp Core Stabilizers

Warp core stabilizers have been converted to an activated module. Penalties to ship performance remain as a passive effect, and only warp strength is improved when activated.

Warp core stabilizers now carry the following similar statistics:

  • Warp Core Stabilizer I
    • Activation cost: 80 Gj
    • Active Duration: 10 seconds
    • Reactivation Delay: 150 seconds
    • Maximum number able to be fitted: 1
    • Warp Scramble Strength: -2
    • Targeting range reduction: -40%
    • Scan resolution reduction: -40%
    • Drone Bandwidth Penalty: -50%

Can be activated whilst under the effect of a stargate cloak.

Be sure to get a feel for how the updated gameplay will let you be a more tactical pilot in your next trip to New Eden!