After the first discovery of a large Thargoid structure, several more followed. Luckily (or not), several commanders managed to open the inner chamber to reveal yet another puzzle…

Late last night Canonn members published their discovery of the first known Thargoid structure. That one was tightly locked and seemed inactive even though there was a high activity of unknown scavengers around the premise.

However, earlier today – multiple new locations of the same looking structures were reported. The new locations can be found in the Pleiades Sector OS-U c2-7 A4 (58.21, -177.04), Col 285 Sector CV-Y d57, Aries Dark Region DB-X d1-63 A7 (25.94, 77.96), HIP 19026 B1 C (-17,  -152), and HIP 14909 A2 (-26.5, -27.5) systems.

After the discovery of the structure in HIP 14909, commanders started to work on their way in. After opening the outer entrance with the Unknown Artefacts, they finally traversed their way into the main chamber only to reveal yet another puzzle.

A large organic machine stood in the middle of the room with multiple holograms on it’s side. Scientists on the location quickly figured out that the mechanism requires placing Unknown probes, Unknown artefacts and Unknown links (found inside the structure) into the corresponding slots.

Once they finally managed to gather all the items and place them in the mechanism, the room lit up revealing, what it seemed, a large holographic image of a galaxy. It is currently unknown if the galaxy shown is the home galaxy of the Thargoid race or, as some speculate, just a visual representation of habitable worlds for the Thargoids inside our own galaxy.

Professor Ishmael Palin, who played a central role in identifying the so-called Unknown Ships as Thargoid, commented on the discovery:

“This is a remarkable development, and one that raises many questions. What is the purpose of these structures? Are there others out there? And what about the drones? Are they being controlled remotely, or are they autonomous?”

“With each new discovery, we revise our perception of humanity and its place within the cosmos.”

Stay tuned for more info as the story unfolds.