With the Triglavian Invasion reaching its zenith, CCP hints on finally shutting down gates of the invaded systems like it was shown in the initial quarter trailer…

The Invasion chapter is coming to its grand finale with multiple reward tiers for capsuleers and the inevitable gate shutdowns. All capsuleers that chose to side with either EDENCOM or Triglavians will be eligible for various apparel rewards ranging from hats, T-shirts to full suits depending on their standing and reputation.

In addition, some capsuleers received a mysterious message from the Triglav collective related to the upcoming gate shutdown and the events that will follow. The message states:

We are Zorya Triglav. We speak for the convocation of Triglav outside the struggle. Hear the words of our prayer and heed them. Realization of glorification pattern in totality approaches. Ancient domain stability requires weaving of final liminality conduits. Totality requires Triglav exalted final liminality Dazh elements.

Sobornost Kybernauts are exalted to realize glorification pattern in totality. The flow of Vyraj requires realisation of stability of ancient domains. Sobornost Kybernauts realise glorification shall be --- ( kybernauts realizing glorification shall be proved and become union)

The domain of of Bujan shall be 3 cries of 9 f--- with in--- (the whim of ---)

The flow of Vyraj will bring sobornost of Triglav in the domain of Bujan.

We speak for the convocation of Triglav outside the struggle.

We are Zorya Triglav

In further news, EDENCOM has released a statement urging all Capsuleers who currently live in systems conquered by Triglavian forces to relocate and find a new home immediately. The following systems are currently affected:

  • Ahtila
  • Angymonne
  • Archee
  • Arvasaras
  • Harva
  • Ichoriya
  • Ignebaener
  • Kaunokka
  • Kino
  • Komo
  • Konola
  • Kuharah
  • Nalvula
  • Nani
  • Niarja
  • Otanuomi
  • Otela
  • Raravoss
  • Sakenta
  • Skarkon
  • Senda
  • Tunudan
  • Urhinichi
  • Vale
  • Wirashoda