The star of the system Raravoss, once a type B0 blue star, has been transformed beyond recognition. As the Dazh Porevitium Transmuter continues to alter the star's internal chemistry and extract from it rare matter, the celestial grows more and more dim. Pools of plasma well up across its upper half, and the underside appears dark and cracked.

This further development of the star came on the heels of a visitation by the world ark.

It is now clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the purpose of these regular appearances is to maintain and improve the the Dazh Porevitium Transmuter. The device continues to grow in size, and its massive array of panels is now complete.

There is much debate about the nature of these panels. Some claim they collect solar power to drive the laser. Others suggest they are a shield to protect the station from the hostile environment found so near to the star. Most interesting, however, is the hypothesis that they are an array of zero-point mass-energy entanglers which tremendously escalate the power and reach of the harvester. The world ark appears to achieve these upgrades to the Transmuter via a beam device.

This beam interfaces directly with what may be best thought of as an antenna. Before observation of the world ark's activities, the purpose of these two devices protruding from the corners of the station was entirely unknown.

The most interesting development is the realization that the Transmuter is now producing three orbs per cycle. These orbs bear a striking resemblance to the core of the world ark, and to the entropic disintegrator weapons employed by most Triglavian vessels.

It seems likely that this production is the main purpose of the device, and so, with its reaching what may be maximum productivity, the advent of the Triglavian's return is now approaching faster than ever before.

Finally, a Dazh Liminalilty Locus pylon was deployed in the space adjacent to the transmuter. This is the third pylon to appear in Raravoss. The previous two were destroyed at the hands of agents of EDENCOM and the Arataka Research Consortium. The continual reintroduction of these structures suggests they are pivotal to the the stellar harvesting operation the Triglavians are undertaking.

With the pylon's return, remote repair equipment evidently operates with far greater efficiency. However, many capsuleers have noted under-performing warp drives and scattered targeting computers whenever these pylons are in local space.

At 6:26 UTC, the world ark's activities appeared to conclude and its warp core was engaged, causing it to disappear from Raravoss. While none were present at the time of the world ark's arrival, most other appearances are reported to have lasted one hour. From this, we might conclude that it had jumped into Raravoss around 5:26 UTC.

In the final moments of the world ark's departure a phenomena strikingly similar to the traces created by abyssal filaments was observed. This may suggest that the destination of the world ark's jump was abyssal deadspace, or at least a tunnel passing through it.

Raravoss report by Taylor Corveau