As more of these hidden research stations pop up, the more pieces of the puzzle we can put together on Thargoids and the history of the Mycoid virus…

The recent discovery by CMDR Phoebia puts another of INRA's ground bases on the star-map. This latest INRA facility was found in 12 Trianguli system, planet 1A via a secure transmitter located just prior the discovery.

If you're interested in visiting the location yourself, you will have to go down on the mentioned planet to coordinates -51.57, 130.66 where a new set of disturbing audio logs can be found.

It turns out that the Thargoid „payload“ was meant to be delivered by a pilot named Jameson for which INRA never intended to live through the mission. Various modifications were made to his ship to ensure this and the missiles installed were configured so they have to be fired at very close range – killing the pilot in the process.

Commander Jameson's Cobra

A short while after discovering the INRA base, CMDR Robbie Junior found a crashed Cobra MK-III in HIP 12099 planet 1B, coordinates -54.3/-50.3 that belonged to Commander Jameson who was delivering the deadly mycoid virus. His logs mention huge Thargoid capital ships which he successfully shot at. Unfortunately, it was then that he also realized his ship was rigged and set on a collision course with a nearby planet. His logs tell a sad story of his last moments.