With the final chapter of the Triglavian story arc live, immense capsuleer forces sided with the Triglavians have been warring over Raravoss pushing the system into the final stages of liminality…

While the first two chapters based on introducing Triglavians, Abyssal space and various conduits all across the cluster, the final chapter introduces major mechanic changes with drastic effects.

The story started picking up after the founding of EDENCOM – a joint military force based on all four empires led by Provost Marshal Kaisha Valkanir with the goal of unified command for fortification and defence across New Eden.

Reports of major invading forces started coming from all corners of New Eden with new EDENCOM deployments fortifying same systems immediately after. Unlike until now, independent capsuleers have an option to chose the side and ally with either the Triglavian collective or EDENCOM.

Powered by curiosity, rebellion or pure spite – many capsuleers sided with the invaders but with no success in the first days of invasion. Later reports state that Triglavians only sent scouts into various systems and that they are actually not interested in just any system. Turns out, systems with blue stars of A0 and B0 types with base security rating of 0.75 or above are currently being on top of the priority list.

Enter Raravoss

It didn’t take long to notice that one system in the initial phase peaked Triglavian interest and thousands of capsuleers swarmed right into it. For the last few days, Raravoss has seen an insane increase in destruction and pure carnage. While some came in support of Triglavian efforts, others joined in for pure chaos alone.

What this ended up is a brand-new EVE experience that is basically a mix of PvE and PvP with absolutely stunning visuals coming from the main star that is being targeted by the so called Dazh Provetium Transmuter.

At this time, it is not clearly known what the transmuter does but there are some theories floating around… Some say that it’s extracting Isogen 5 and converting it into Isogen 10 – the very material Triglavian ships are made of and that is found inside the Abyss… Some claim that the large structures are trying to destroy the start itself or pull the entire system back into the Abyss, while some claim that it’s simply harnessing the immense energy of the star itself to power multiple conduits that would enable a massive fleet of World Arks to jump into the system and start a major attack on the adjacent systems that would expand the Triglavian collective in New Eden, potentially making Triglavians the fifth empire.

Whatever this turns out to be, without a question – Raravoss star looks nothing like it looked a few days ago. With clear color changes and massive flairs bursting into space – this process simply doesn’t look reversable and we will probably find out the outcome in the next few days.

Mechanic-wise, systems that fall into the first liminality will instantly see a change in security status. This alone created enough chaos for some capsuleers to take advantage of the fact that CONCORD will not be aiding capsuleers and started their murder-sprees upon the system flooding zKillboard with losses.

Also, closing EDENCOM sites or simply destroying their roaming forces will start gaining you Triglavian reputation which, in return, makes the Triglavians in invading systems friendly. Same mechanics apply in the opposite direction as well. This is the main way of picking your side in this conflict and showing your support to any of these two major entities as the story unfolds.

Triglavian storyline & research

The story and the way it’s implemented has been excellent so far. Even though CCP lacked some clear communication at the start (it was very confusing why the initial systems easily switched to EDENCOM but none worked with Triglavians), we do have more information now and we keep getting new reports on mechanics and the story itself.

Over the last months the Arataka Research Consortium has shifted their focus heavily on the ever escalating and troubling Triglavian presence in New Eden. While regular fleets run by ARC were more hands-on and practical, several researcher and explorers are working at the scientific side of things as well.

As a working result ARC introduced the Triglavian Primer as a series of publications on Triglavian research topics. The first two issues are dealing with the two matters mentioned above: fleet tactics against Triglavian invasions and an overview of present major research topics.

For those of you that are interested in following the story as it unfolds live, make sure to check out ARC’s live report on the official forums.