This release brings redesigns for the Sin, Vexor and Ishtar, as well as Colorblind Support, and a whole host of client performance improvements to make your spaceships look and feel better.

This release also brings a new event, "Rogue Swarm Alert", which kicks off on release day and runs for two weeks. Join your fellow capsuleers and help CONCORD defeat the swarms of rogue drones for rewards that include PLEX, SKINs, drone blueprints and accelerators.

The June release will be deployed in an extended downtime that will run from the normal downtime start of 11:00 UTC, for fifty minutes. Tranquility server is expected to be back online and accepting connections at 11:50 UTC.

Rogue Swarm Alert

The swarm is coming! Rogue Swarm Alert - kicks off on the 13th with the June release! Join your fellow capsuleers and help CONCORD defeat the swarms of rogue drones.

The bigger the drones, the better the chances of getting valuable rewards. Pilots of all abilities and levels are welcome and encouraged to assist, from the newest alpha pilots to the most seasoned Omegas.

Find the Rogue Swarm Nest beacons in your overview, set course and warp to the sites. You must then clear the area of all hostiles to get your reward!

Rewards include PLEX, SKINs, drone blueprints and Accelerators.

Sin Redesign

After the recent changes to the design of the Dominix class battleship, capsuleers across the cluster can now also enjoy a new look for the Sin, which bursts into a new lease of life with reworked geometry, animations and all new textures.

Vexor & Ishtar Redesign

The Federation Navy have placed focus on the redesign of one of their staple combat cruisers – the Vexor. In this release the Vexor will receive a new lease of life for capsuleers to enjoy, with fresh textures, new geometry and transition animations between warp and traditional sub-light flight.

Colorblind support

As part of the continuous work to improve the user interface experience in New Eden, capsuleers will now be able to enjoy further customization of the UI and deeper accessibility that enables support for color blind pilots. (more info here)

New Machariel Skin

As part of this release, pilots will be able to enjoy a new SKIN for the Machariel class Angel Cartel battleship, which will be making an appearance in the store soon after the deployment of the release.

Client Performance Improvements

With this release, improvements to client performance are coming that will further optimize many of the techonlogies that were battle tested with the first generation of Upwell Consortium structures.

The patch will be deployed on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017. You can find the full detailed patch notes here.