Deployment of the January release for EVE Online is scheduled for this Tuesday, January 15th, during standard daily downtime.

The January release brings a whole host of additions and fixes to the Activity Tracker, as well as new visuals for asteroid depletion, additional account security changes and a whole host of bug fixes, optimizations and improvements to EVE Online.

Visual Update - Asteroid Depletion

Everyone loves turning glorious space boulders into ravaged husks of their former selves, and with this release there'll be a new effect to go along with it that all rock-chewing pilots will be able to enjoy!

The addition of this effect marks the start of the introduction of this kind of visual feedback for all manner of objects in space, with more effects to be added in future releases after this initial test.

Activity Tracker Updates

With this release, the Activity Tracker will see further updates and optimizations that improve usability, including relocating the whole feature to a window rather than filling the screen, making it easier to view while in space. Pilots will also benefit from improved navigation controls, additional tracking and improved tool tips.

Security Update - Skill Extraction Protection

One of the most common patterns with hacked accounts is the mass extraction of skillpoints after a password reset request via a compromised email address.  To protect the accounts of all pilots and continue to enhance security, all EVE Online accounts will automatically be set to prevent skill extraction for a given period after a password reset request is completed.

You can find the full patchnotes here.