Egosoft finally released the latest DLC for X: Rebirth! The new expansion named Home of Light brings a lot of eyecandy to the table with 3 brand new systems that boast a steady economy and a huge number of zones to explore or exploit.

Key new features of patch 4.0 include: 

  • Bulletin board system to keep track of offered missions. 
  • Major overhaul of external view (enabled menus, target elements, external view in highways, and more). 
  • Orders for multiple selected ships in the Property Owned menu (replaces 'Broadcast' order). 
  • Trade Deals menu with profit estimates. 
  • Economy logging and statistics. 
  • Time acceleration using SETA. 
  • New mission to obtain player ship jump drive. 
  • New missions to hack stations and obtain rare or valuable items. 
  • You can now find and craft rare weapon modifications that increase your weapon's stats when installed. 
  • New in-game tutorials. 
  • OS X and Linux versions now join Windows on full release. 

The Home of Light DLC is the second expansion for X Rebirth and establishes the access to three new star systems, including the well-known Home of Light, home of the powerful TerraCorp.