There's a perfectly good reason why Alpha Orbital doesn't mention Star Citizen among the rest of the major space-themed games, but today – we're going to make an exception…

Those of you who are not lurking around the depths of reddit or who are not following the development of Star Citizen might not know of the latest ship coming from the development studio of Chris Roberts. It’s a salvage class vessel called “Vulture” that might tickle your memory into saying: “Hey… I saw this somewhere before!” – and you would be right.

Not only does the ship look exactly like the beloved starting mining ship from EVE (Venture), it even shares a similar name and color.

Reddit and Twitter exploded with people from both sides pointing fingers at one another up to a point where some Star Citizen fans even blamed CCP for ripping off one of the old ships from Freelancer in defence of their game.

The official Star Citizen subreddit also issued a ban-wave to many active EVE redditors.

Even CCP made a classy remark on the situation on Twitter.