The annual Guardian's Gala returns for 2022! This high-roller event traditionally runs to celebrate the ongoing relationship between the Angel Cartel and Serpentis pirate factions. Unfortunately for them, however, Capsuleers have made it something of a tradition to crash the party!

This year features all the excitement you expect from the Gala – new combat and hacking sites, daily gifts, and more – but with a twist! Following a successful Serpentis and Angel Cartel raid on the ORE research facility in 4C-B7X, you now have the chance to dive in and steal back the valuable data to help ORE in getting its development back on track and get early access to skill books.

The Scope is busy preparing their holoreel report on the fate of the stolen Rorqual and her crew, until then check out the World News article to find out more.

Event Details

Activities during this year’s Gala include new combat and hacking sites across the entirety of New Eden, plus a warp speed bonus in wormhole space to help you get to the action faster. Venture into Guardians Gala combat sites to crash the party in cruisers and above to loot SKINs, boosters, Angel and Serpentis modules, and more!

Better still, you can turn up the heat with VIP Gala sites in wormhole space, plus the Phoenix (Fountain) and Heaven (Curse) constellations where you can get your hands on more exclusive rewards and trinkets. Sites aren’t the only thing to be on the lookout for in wormhole space, though, as PvP loot drops will be vastly increased for the duration of the Guardian's Gala. Hunt down the hunters and take a share of their bounty!

For less combat-focused Capsuleers, the hacking sites available offer some of the most lucrative ways to earn your keep. Both combat and hacking sites will have a chance to drop pilfered Data Fragments of the latest material compression technology. Collect and return these Data Fragments to ORE and you'll be rewarded with early access to new compression-related skillbooks to get a jump start on the new technology. Break in and escape to hand in the Fragments to ORE stations in 4C-B7X or NM-OEA.

On rare occasions during your raids on wormhole space VIP sites, you might even chance to come across a captured ORE scientist. Deliver them safely to ORE stations or an extremely lucrative reward.

For all the details about the Gala and how you can get involved as a new or veteran Capsuleer, head over to the brand-new event page!

Daily Rewards

Be sure to log in during the event to grab up to 55,000 Skill Points for Alpha and 230,000 for Omega clones. On top of this bounty of SP, by logging in each day you’ll be getting a set of free SKINs and boosters. These boosters are unique to the Guardian’s Gala and will offer powerful bonuses such as an increase to your Warp Scrambler range or a reduction in remote rep cycle time! Remember that you can upgrade to Omega at any time during the event to receive any of the rewards you might have missed as an alpha clone.