A lot has been happening in the Pleiades, and most of the activities are related to the latest visitors to our galaxy. Multiple reports are incoming of new discoveries and new casualties…

Megaship discoveries

A new mega ship has been found in orbit of planet A5 in the Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55. By the looks of it – it has suffered a massive Thargoid attack. There are no alien ships in the vicinity, and the search and rescue party is on the scene. Judging by the communications log, the megaship crew tried hailing the aliens but failed to establish any form of communication.

One other report about megaships comes from IC 4604 Sector FB-X C1-16 A 1A. The megaship GCS Sarasvati located there was a part of “Project Equinox” – which was active during the first Thargoid attack. The goal of the project was to keep an eye out for any new Thargoid activity. Unfortunately, the crew spent multiple years in search of any life-signs, but found nothing.

Thargoid encounters

With so many commanders pouring into the Pleiades sector, it’s no wonder many of them have come across alien encounters. There is a large number of non-human threat signals scattered around the sector where you can find them. So far, we know that not all of them are instantly hostile and that the Thargoids are looking for someone or something. Upon entering the NHTS, Thargoid ships will mostly ignore you, or curiously scan you as far as you keep your distance and don’t provoke them.

However, it seems that the previous assumption that the Thargoids don’t like Guardian tech is correct. If you have an ancient artefact on board, after the initial scan – Thargoids will attack. Same thing if you come too close and interfere with their search. Thargoid ships launch a huge number of smaller missile-like Thargons that ignore a large portion of ship shields and deal massive hull damage.

So many combat veterans suggest fitting your ships as hull-tanks before engaging in a fight.

It is possible to destroy Thargoid ships, but it requires the use of new specialized equipment and missile racks. Having a wing of pilots helps as well. Upon destruction – you will be awarded with a 2 million credits bond.

Different kinds of Thargoids?

While many commanders chose to fight, there are some who are more interested in exploration. This resulted in an amazing find of a very different looking type of Thargoid vessel crashed in HIP 17125 A 3A. More precisely – at coordinates -65.8193, 48.8662. This ship looks strangely similar to how Thargoid ships looked way back during the first encounters many years ago. Since this particular one is crashed – it is unknown if it’s just an old relic or if there are actual multiple “types” of Thargoids coming our way even now.