Can fighters target skimmers and base turrets?
Yes, they will follow the same rules as the main ship does. Anything the main ship can target the fighters can target as well.

Can you name your NPC fighter pilots?
No you can't, they have their own backstory and name. However in the future you might be able to rename them, or add a nickname…

In a PVP interdiction scenario, one commander launches a fighter against his component. Assuming he's launching with an NPC fighter, will the fighter and ship have a hollow marker?
The NPC pilot will be solid marker when it's controlling the ship and when controlling the fighter, meaning the hollow and solid icons will switch between the two appropriately.

Given how the fighters already have paint jobs, can we finally get paint jobs for the Corvette etc.?
Yes, they are always looking for creating paint jobs and ship kits

Can we get an Ed Lewis as a space bobblehead?
The crowd goes wild

Now that fighters like the Condor has a glass cannon, will the fighters that control the space stations be changed?
The ship-launched fighters are very fragile but very powerful. At the moment they are different builds. Although the ship-launched fighters and the station patrols have the same frame, they have different stats.

It comes into a balancing issue and might change in the future. They will test and see how it turns out

Will combat zones spawn on planet surfaces and near land-able settlements?
There are currently no plans in the near term. The avenue remains open as they want to always improve.

How many fighters is it possible to launch at once?
One fighter. There is only one NPC pilot in the ship at once to control the fighter.

Can you barter with passengers for more money, especially for riskier missions?
No you can't. But what you can do, especially with VIPs, is to do the optional quests that the VIPs give you

Are we going to bring SRV paintjobs to the game?
Yes, Ed asked that question himself.

Can we expect passengers to carry buggies?
For 2.2, no. The main reason for that at the moment is because all of the ports you go to have ship docks where the passengers want to go to. Not quite sure how it would work, but not excluding the idea.

Will it be possible to tell the fighter to target specific points on the enemy ship?
They are looking into it. Answer is "possibly". It's not unthinkable but they need to look at how it would work. They want to work nicely and not clunky

If your fighter is wanted, will your mothership become wanted?
Crime is applied to the player, not the ship. If you do something illegal in your fighter, you will become wanted rather than the ship. Crime will be applied to the fighter and mothership straight away.

If you are wanted and they kill the fighter, they will not get the bounty. They have to kill the mothership

Why do the fighters have a cockpit if they're remote controlled?
They want to be able to control it in the future. They want the VR players to actually feel like they are controlling it rather than controlling it remotely.

Will these docks and other locations be used as mission locations?
Not initially, they are fixed persistent locations. Not for v2.2 but they are definitely going to look into it

While you are in the fighter, can you tell the fighter pilot to high wake to a random system?
No, they are not licensed to operate frame shift drive.

How long does reprinting a fighter take?
Not sure yet. They are experimenting it balance it correctly, will balance it throughout beta and probably when it goes live as well. It will be reasonably quick, they don't want it to take too long

Will there be a way to hack another ship fighter to fight for you?
No, you won't be able to hack other people's fighters.

"It is a really good idea" - Sandro

It's not to say that could not happen, it is something they see as plausible

Are minimum PC specs rising?
No, the specifications will be the same as the rest of Horizons

Commodity storage?
No, because it will be exploitable with the commodity market. However they are thinking about adding storage for crafting commodities at Engineer bases post 2.2

Can we hotkey orders rather than just use in game menus to give orders to NPC's?
Yes, what we showed was work in progress and we will look at hotkeys and how the UI works to make it easier.

Will similar work be done on stations appearing when arriving out of supercruise in the same way stars will now do?
This could well happen, but not in 2.2.


(transcript taken from r/EliteDangerous)