After dealing with extremely negative feedback regarding pretty much anything that had to do with how Fleet Carriers work, Frontier published a revised version of prices and FC features...

Fleet Carriers will now have Universal Cartographics available as an optional service

After the feedback from the first Fleet Carriers Beta, Frontier reexamined how Fleet Carriers could be utilised by different play styles and reconsidered including this valuable module for any explorer.

Decommissioning a Fleet Carrier will now refund the full cost of a Carrier, with the only reductions either being unpaid debt when automated or a static fee for voluntary decommissioning

There has been a lot of conversation and feedback around this... Fleet Carriers affect Elite Dangerous in a way the game hasn't seen before; they are persistent objects accessible across all platforms and controlled by player Commanders. Due to this, Fleet Carriers require these new systems in order to facilitate them in the galaxy. While Elite Dangerous can sustain as many Fleet Carriers as the community could wish for, there is a finite number of objects that can orbit a single body. Left unchecked, this could become a problem if Fleet Carriers are left in key locations like popular capital systems or near to carrier construction facilities, especially when a recent buyer wants to pick up their new Fleet Carrier. Decommissioning acts as an inactivity system that refunds the initial investment while preventing unused Fleet Carriers adrift in the galaxy. By adjusting the refund amount, Frontier thinks this will be more in line with player expectations.

Module and ship storage will now always be available for the Fleet Carrier owner. Shipyard and outfitting services will still need to be purchased to enable visitors to use them and to buy stock for the owner.

After seeing the feedback from players, Frontier agreed that Fleet Carriers should come with these services by default! However, for others to use these services, owners will still need to activate the additional service to provide functionality to visitors as well as just the owner.

Tritium consumption per lightyear has been reduced by approximately half.

This will directly make Fleet Carrier movement 2x more efficient in the beta. Frontier wants to keep monitoring the use of carriers and Tritium during the second beta, but this is their initial step to finding that sweet spot.


Towards the end of the beta, join in for a BETA BLOWOUT, where Fleet Carriers will be available to almost anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to test them for themselves!

In order to get feedback on Fleet Carriers in an environment that is as close to the live servers as possible, Fleet Carriers will remain at the price of 5bn CR. This is important to make sure we can get as accurate feedback as possible. However, during the Beta Blowout period, Fleet Carriers will be purchasable for 1m CR. Frontier is doing this so that as many people as possible can help try them out and give them feedback, but still enable real-life scenarios during the first week to see how they behave in an environment closer to what the live one will look like.