Professor Palin is at it again, and this time – he needs help from all commanders to make a breakthrough in the search for more info on the aliens.

My research has led me to believe that there is more to the reported “Unknown Encounters” than we initially thought. Commander Edward Lewis has begun an investigation into the “Unknown Ships”, but I require more data.

If you help me acquire the data that I need from these “Unknown Encounters” by 12:00 BST on June 13, 3303 I will ensure that you are handsomely rewarded for your contributions.

This was the mail sent out by professor Palin and the unknown scan data can be turned in at Orcus Crag in the PLEIADES SECTOR OI-T C3-7.

Hopefully, this community goal is just a start of a real story Frontier has been working on. Make sure to tune into the official stream tomorrow where Frontier promised to show us more info about the upcoming patch 2.4.