The last few weeks were quite hectic for the members of the Circle of Two (CO2) who started losing hold of multiple systems leaving their prized Keepstar vulnerable in M-OEE8 system. With combined efforts of the Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion and pretty much everyone who wanted a snatch on such a formidable structure – huge amount of pilots started pouring down to M-OEE8 for the final assault on the citadel.

This feat alone broke a record for most capsuleers in one system with the peak somewhere over 5700 players!

The mentioned Keepstar citadel has been attacked twice in the last few days dealing massive damage that led to shield collapse and massive losses on the defending side. The attacking force anchored multiple citadels of their own around the Keepstar which they used to send countless waves of attack-fleets to further weaken the enemy.

Finally, last night – the final run began with almost 6000 players involved in the siege. After 4 hours, the Keepstar finally succumbed and crumbled in a glorious explosion leaving everyone with a stunning visual of a dying citadel.