With the new episode of EVE Pulse is out, we catch up with all the happenings from EVE Online as the amazing EVE Russia event and the new Invasion expansion are featured, as well as more info on CSM 14 elections and the celebration login rewards…

64-bit EVE Client

As more and more pilots migrate to 64-bit operating systems, it's time for EVE to do the same.

With this change, CCP will be offering a 64-bit client that will make better use of available system resources on the machines of EVE’s players, and bring EVE Online up to modern standards.

The Agency – Redesign

In 2019, pilots will benefit from an overhaul of The Agency that will put more clear and concise information at their fingertips, allowing easier access to a wide range of content in New Eden.


The iconic Vedmak receives a strong Tech II variation in the form of the brand new Heavy Assault Cruiser, the Ikitursa.

As expected from its ship class, Assault Damage Controls can be fitted to the Ikitursa greatly enhancing its defensive capabilities. It also receives powerful bonuses to the maximum damage multiplier for heavy entropic disintegrators making the Ikitursa a powerful ship for frontline brawls.


The Draugur is a terrifying Tech II invention of the Kikimora inheriting many of its characteristics while establishing the Draugur into the Command Destroyers class of ships.

With the ability to fit Command Burst and Micro Jump Field Generator modules, the Draugur also brings to the field its bonuses in light entropic disintegrators and a reduced signature radius penalty for Microwarpdrives.


As a Tech II Assault Frigate, the Nergal is a complete upgrade from the Damavik in almost every way.

Assault Damage Controls are available to be fitted to the Nergal along with bonuses to the maximum damage multiplier for light entropic disintegrators. Similar to the Draugur and Ikitursa, it also features a reduced signature radius penalty for Microwarpdrives.

New Mutaplasmids

Brand new Mutaplasmids are discovered to be possessed by the Triglavian Collective that directly affect Damage Control Units and Assault Damage Control Units. They can be found in Decayed, Gravid, and Unstable variations.

Unstable Mutaplasmids for both Ancillary Shield Boosters and Ancillary Amor Repairers are also re-discovered in the Invasion expansion.

Tech II Ammo Changes

A popular player request makes it way to Tranquility with the Invasion expansion.Tech II ammunition will be able to be loaded into all Faction, Storyline, and Officer weapon variations. This will open up options for more fitting variations available than ever before without sacrificing the use of Tech II ammunition in your weapons.

Triglavian Industry Changes

To accommodate the new Tech II Triglavian Ships being added, CCP is taking the opportunity to adjust Triglavian ship and module production with the Invasion expansion.

Brand new skills are introduced which are required for the invention and manufacture of Tech II Triglavian ships. New datacores, and new tech II components will also be made available that will be used for the invention and production of these Tech II Triglavian ships.