This weekend, embrace your inner trucker with the upcoming boost to all trading profits! And for some added value – all engineers are lowering their requirements as well!

Starting from May 24 to May 30, Frontier will be introducing an extended ‘Bonus Weekend’, which will bring temporary but lucrative bonuses to the galaxy!

The bonuses activated for this period are as follows:

  • All profits from trading activities will be increased (the amount of profit will vary depending on what you are shipping and where you’re shipping it to. Rare commodities are excluded from this bonus.)
  • The materials requested for engineering recipes will be at one rank below the existing ones (cheapening the current cost of engineering your modules.)

Whether you’re a penniless pauper or a wealthy space-tycoon, it’ll pay to haul this weekend, so dust off your freighters and get out there! Oh, and if you need a little extra jump-range, the engineers have you covered!