As with the good ol' times when Thargoids were still a big mystery, Frontier once again started teasing the players with cryptic messages and transmissions…

Earlier this week, a partial binary message appeared on Frontier's social media that took a few days to unravel. The final message states:

Coalsack nebula – The stones, it keeps watching the stones...

Shortly after, an audio transmission was received with a disturbing message from dr. Murphy – the geologist so it's reasonable to assume these two puzzles are related to one another.

At the current time, it is still unknown what these are all about but reports say these are potentially related to the upcoming Halloween event that should take place ingame.

It’s good to see new activities inside and outside the game, or just the general playerbase engaging with content once again after a long hiatus of pretty much anything when it comes to Elite.

In addition, GalNet has been receiving regular updates in classic written narrative form covering various bits and pieces of events across the galaxy including the recent community goals making Elite finally wake up from a long slumber.