The final chapter of the Horizons season is ready for test flights on the beta server - currently available only for pilots with payed beta access, but soon to go into open beta.

As Frontier pointed out – The Return will roll out unlike any of the previous patches. They promised some heavy story elements and to avoid any spoilers, all of those will not be available in the beta tests. So for all you Thargoid hungry pilots – unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait for the official patch release.

However – The Return beta offers some very welcomed quality of life improvements like the backend overhaul of the mission board which loads noticeably faster just like the system/galaxy map, the new route plotter that can now take you to 20,000ly routes instead of only 1,000ly plotted trips, small improvements to the UI like the ability to delete bookmarks right from the map, new synthesis options and some new items like the repair limpets that will be able to repair your ship hull.

There have also been some improvements to the Holo-me suite that now offers save slots and new hair styles, as well as improvements to the preview window for ship and SRV skins.

All commanders participating in this beta will also get a unique decal.

The full beta changelog can be found on the official forums.