The second, out of four, announced content patches for Elite: Dangerous coming in 2018 has been deployed to live servers and it brings goodies…

Missions and Scenarios

  • Added new wing mining missions
  • Added new high threat USS's, and missions that can direct players to them

Megaship and Installation Interactions

  • Added existing megaship interactions to installations
  • Added Escape Hatch interaction points to damaged megaships

Crime and Punishment

  • Players can now hand themselves in to security contacts, if they have outstanding bounties, and a zero notoriety rating. Players that hand themselves in will pay off the bounty and be deported to the nearest detention center
  • Relaxed the friendly fire thresholds against NPC ships, to lower the amount of erroneous crimes being handed out
  • Notoriety now decays whilst the player is docked
  • Players current notoriety level displayed in cockpit will no longer be potentially out of date
  • Relaxed the rules for Multicrew gunners so that they are less prone to accidental assault/reckless weapon discharge crimes

Horizons-only Content


  • New weapons now available at applicable Tech Brokers:
  • Large Plasma Shock Cannon (Fixed, Gimbal, Turret)
  • Large Guardian Shard Cannon (Fixed, Turret)
  • Large Guardian Plasma Launcher (Fixed, Turret)


  • The Guardian FSD booster is once again available at the Guardian Tech Broker, now with improved fuel efficiency


  • Alliance Challenger - a medium sized ship, based on the Alliance Chieftain, that boasts a generous compliment of hard-points, whilst retaining the Chieftains characteristic agility. It also has stronger armour.
  • Krait Mk.II - a medium sized, multi-role ship, that trades defensive capability for speed, fire-power and maneuverability. The Krait Mk.II has space for two crew members and is capable of carrying a fighter bay


  • New planetary sites added, with audio logs

Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed some missing effects on Guardian Artifacts


  • Fixed audio cutting out in supercruise near neutron stars

Background Simulation

  • Fixed war missions incorrectly offering influence rewards (influence during a war state has no actual effect)
  • Ensure that faction effects are the same from selling exploration data for pages as well as individual star systems, and balance those faction effects to have roughly the same galactic impact as before this release

Controls & Control Devices

  • Prevented Flight Assist from automatically re-enabling after exiting Supercruise


  • Fixed an issue with fading text in the Engineers Cost help window

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Numerous performance optimisations for hangars
  • Resolved some minor typos
  • Fixed some cut off text in material descriptions
  • Local news top 5 bounty list should ignore breaking characters from ship names
  • Fixed situations where 'Last main sequence star' info message can appear incorrectly
  • General stability fix for incorrectly replicated data between players

Holo-Me Creator

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from saving their avatar with the Frontier Expo suit equipped


  • Implemented a maximum scan time multiplier to prevent excessively long scans on large Mega Ships and Installations
  • Fixed an underground destructible panel at a Guardian Structure


  • Removed the timed element from assassination missions, so that targets are no longer limited to spawning within a time window. Players can scan the systems local nav beacon to find the targets location.
  • Fixed Mentor missions showing incorrect reward choice upon completion
  • Raised pay-out rate for Elite Rank Mining Missions
  • Updated Salvage missions so that factions cannot be duplicated as both giver and target
  • Updated the mission timer for Massacre Thargoid Wing Missions so it matches the non-Wing variant of this mission
  • Fix wing mission rewards from trade missions to award trade rank to multicrew crew members as well as the helm
  • Colonia factions have started issuing mission tip offs for the region


  • Ramming a guardian sentinel will no longer give you a bounty


  • Fixed long description texts for experimental modules not appearing properly under the "Read More" section in Outfitting

PlayStation 4

  • Fixed an issue that could occur when playing the combat tutorial while background installation is in progress
  • Fix for an issue where the “Put Your Fighters Up” Trophy was not being awarded when fighter ships were launched from your ship by an AI pilot


  • Fixed Powerplay crimes incorrectly affecting notoriety

Ships & SRV

  • General Ship Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed cases of Collector Limpets clipping through the top of several ships when returning cargo
  • Fixed some visual problems with short Ship IDs

Alliance Chieftain

  • Addressed a specular highlight in the canopy that could flicker in certain lighting conditions
  • Fixed a small gap in geometry
  • Fixed some clipping on hardpoints 1 and 2
  • Shrank the Shipyard schematic icon slightly to prevent clipping
  • Realigned nameplates
  • Fixed some clipping on the Ship Kit


  • Fixed scratches being present on Ship Kit parts when there is no ship wear and tear
  • The number of internal windows now correctly matches the number of external ones
  • Fixed an instance of Paint Jobs not rendering over a heat vent door
  • Smoothed out some overhead cables in the cockpit
  • Adjusted some internal module target locations
  • Fixed emissive decals on the Anaconda losing detail if the Fusion Paint Job is applied

Asp Explorer

  • Fixed a 2D Cannon alignment issue

Diamondback Explorer

  • Added Ship Kit cameras for outfitting


  • Fixed a texture issue with the Prestige paintjob

Federal Corvette

  • Fixed some reflective areas on the Icarus and Prestige paintjobs
  • Lowered glossiness on Precision Paint Jobs
  • Fixed some missing textures on Paint Jobs


  • Fixed a visual issue that could occur with your commander when colliding in an SRV

Type 9 Heavy

  • Fixed a missing thruster texture
  • Fixed some texture and model position issues

Type 10 Defender

  • Fixed some clipping on certain Ship Kit parts
  • Fixed some texture and model position issues


  • Fixed misaligned small lights

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a crash to desktop that would occur when opening the galaxy map immediately after the game had loaded in a station
  • Fixed a server error that could occur when trying to apply an experimental effect to a module that was originally modified by another Engineer
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Collector Limpets

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue in the Systems panel that prevented the module health from updating correctly when repairing a module using a AFMU
  • Fixed legal salvage incorrectly showing as a loss when sold

Weapons & Modules

  • The heatsink launcher no longer has an incomprehensible DPS statistic
  • Human and Guardian Tech Broker blueprint requirements have been reduced


  • Decreased the discrepancy in jump times between Helm and crew members