As their invasion of New Eden reaches its zenith, the Triglavians' home region becomes simultaneously more inviting and more treacherous for Capsuleers. The Depths of the Abyss update introduces new tiers to Abyssal Deadspace, allowing players who are unfamiliar with the Abyss a chance to experience it at a more accessible level, while also offering more experienced Capsuleers even greater challenges and rewards!

Another element of the Depths of the Abyss update is that Capsuleers can now enter all Abyssal Deadspace tiers in a team of two Destroyers (including Tech 3), adding to the existing solo Cruiser and 3x Frigate entry format.

The introduction of Tier 0 sites to Abyssal Deadspace offers less experienced, curious Capsuleers an opportunity to dip their toe into Abyssal Deadspace with less danger. This will allow them to become familiar with the kind of ships and environments they can expect to encounter at higher tiers. There will also be a series of recommended fits for Tier 0 and Tier 1 Abyssal Deadspace pockets added in the community fittings section in-game, courtesy of the Abyssal Lurkers player group! They also have an in-game chat channel and Discord channel.

For those who are looking for a greater challenge, new Tier 6 Abyssal Deadspace pockets offer even better rewards, giving seasoned Abyss runners something new to master.

In addition, there are new groups of NPCs for Capsuleers to face at all tiers of Abyssal Deadspace. Expect some different Triglavian foes, and even pirate faction adversaries that have not been seen in the Abyss before!

Finally, this massive Abyssal Deadspace update adds exciting tactical piloting options through new velocity boosting environmental clouds and brings with it the first ever capital ship mutaplasmids!

Patch notes

Abyssal Deadspace

  • New Tranquil (Tier 0) Abyssal Deadspace is now available to provide an easier introduction to Abyssal Deadspace. Whether you're a new player, or an experienced player looking to try out Abyssal Deadspace for the first time, Tranquil runs are a great way to learn the mechanics of Abyssal Deadspace in a low-pressure environment that can be completed by very inexpensive ships. Tranquil Abyssal Filaments can be obtained through the new player gifts, exploration sites, and in Tier 0 and Tier 1 Abyssal Deadspace.
  • New Cataclysmic (Tier 6) Abyssal Deadspace is now available to provide an extreme challenge for elite pilots! Cataclysmic Abyssal Deadspace is perfect for pilots who have mastered all other tiers of the Abyss and are looking for a new challenge to overcome. Cataclysmic Abyssal Deadspace provides even greater rewards than Chaotic Abyssal Deadspace, including being the exclusive source for the new capital module mutaplasmids. Cataclysmic Abyssal Filaments can be obtained from Tier 5 Abyssal Deadspace.
  • A new two pilot Destroyer mode is now available for all tiers of Abyssal Deadspace. This mode allows entry by up to two pilots flying Tech 1, Tech 2, and/or Tech 3 Destroyers and requires two Abyssal Filaments for entry.
  • New groups of enemies can be found in all tiers of Abyssal Deadspace. These new opponents include new varieties of Triglavians, pirate faction expeditions into the Abyss, and even shadowy CONCORD strike teams who will attack any intruders on sight!
  • A new enviromental cloud can be found within Abyssal Deadspace: the Tachyon Cloud. This cloud dramatically improves the velocity and maneuverability of ships within its area of effect, but beware the dangers of unexpected high speeds if your ships leaves the cloud pointed in the wrong direction!


New Abyssal Mutaplasmids have been introduced for capital sized versions of the following modules:

  • Warp Scramblers
  • Warp Disruptors
  • Afterburners
  • Microwarpdrives
  • Local Armor Repairers
  • Local Shield Boosters
  • Neutralizers
  • Nosferatu
  • Siege Modules

These new mutaplasmids are very rare and can be found exclusively within Tier 6 (Cataclysmic) Abyssal Deadspace.


The inventory volumes of some materials and commodities found in Abyssal Deadspace have been reduced to make them easier to carry home:

  • Crystalline Isogen-10: Volume reduced from 0.35m3 to 0.3m3
  • Zero-Point Condensate: Volume reduced from 0.25m3 to 0.2m3
  • Triglavian Survey Database: Volume reduced from 0.1m3 to 0.01m3

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the tutorial to break if clicking "warping to" instead of "docking" after the introduction.