After a noticeable reduction of Drifter attacks on nullsec structures earlier this week, it appears that another wave of attacks is forming. Adding to the confusion Concord's SCC division has announced that New Eden's fluid router FTL communications network is under enormous pressure due to the combined impact of the Triglaivian and Drifter invasions. 

Resupply of the vital quantum entangled 4-helium super fluid used in the network is increasingly under threat. To ensure sustainable operation of the FTL comms network and guard against the risk of strategic communications being compromised, the SCC will be enforcing reduced bandwidth across its nullsec routers. With Drifter strikes continuing for over a week this assault represents the first major offensive by the Drifters since their attack on the Amarr Empire four years ago.

Hitting dozens of systems during the first wave of attacks the Drifters roamed between jumpgates, asteroid belts and structures attacking anyone and anything they encountered. Their fleets were often striking multiple targets simultaneously in each system. After a brief pause in the assault the Drifters seemed now to begin initiating another wave of attacks.

Not only are they attacking structures but they also seem to show more focused towards hunting down and destroying individual pilots. It should be noted that Drifters if given the opportunity will always mercilessly pod capsuleers. Taking both Concord and capsuleers completely by surprise the attacks have created considerable concern and confusion among the nullsec powerblocks. Once the predicted local communications blackout is imposed, capsuleer warlords will have to deal with a developing situation without intelligence gathered from automated registration on local solar system channels the SCC has additionally stated that if the scale of the attacks continues then their fluid routers are not expected to support full services in nullsec beyond another week or so. In light of this it seems clear that the nullsec blackout will take place very soon.

Turning nullsec into wormhole space

This change will affect the whole of nullsec space.

Local chat in all nullsec space will be switched over to delayed mode during July. This means that it will behave as local chat in wormhole space, with pilots only appearing in the local population listing should they choose to post messages.

Obviously, this will cause a substantial change to the dynamics of nullsec, so CCP wants to inform the community before any changes are made.

The duration of this blackout is undetermined, and the effect this has on the cluster will be monitored.

CCP will give at least a 48 hours of notice before initiating the blackout so pilots can make the necessary preparations.