The free expansion for all current owners of EVE: Valkyrie launches today and brings the fast paced space combat to multiple platforms with or without a virtual reality headset!

To make Warzone more appealing to new pilots, CCP has lowered the price to just $29,99. Have in mind this is a fully revamped version of EVE: Valkyrie that includes many new ship tweaks such as more distinctive ship roles and prominent weapon characteristics that match different play styles.

Each ship now comes kitted out with a unique Ultra ability that - when timed correctly - can turn the course of a battle, giving you increased tactical choice when selecting a ship. An Ultra might be an area-of-effect weapon, greater damage and healing, increased mobility, more tactical information… or something else entirely. You can increase Ultra availability by collecting Salvage, and each Ultra comes complete with spectacular visual and audio FX when you unleash it.

The cockpits and HUDs across all ships have also been tweaked, so not only will the interiors of every ship look different, you'll also see unique reticules per weapon and ability, with improved feedback so you can see when you're hitting a target, maintaining a lock, or overheating your weapon. There's also improved ability feedback with clearer iconography so you're never unsure about what abilities are good to go. The cockpit view has been cleared up, removing non-essential assets that might restrict your field of view.

To help new pilots find ships that match their play style, all ships will be available from the start. A new, open hangar has been introduced where players can quickly choose and experiment with ships to find the ones that are the best fit. Ships are sorted by class with difficulty ratings and recommended selections that are the easiest to pick up and play, as well as indications of which modifications are active per ship. Best of all there's a dynamic rundown on which ships are currently active in the battle, so if your team's lacking a particular class you can fill the gap and even up the score.

There’s a new modular progression system that introduces multiple new modifications and unique abilities for every ship, with meaningful upgrade paths that give you even more control over how you trick out your fleet. There are flat upgrades that give you a stat boost with no negative consequences, as well as trade-off upgrades that will increase one stat but reduce another by way of balance. XP is now earned per ship (although once you've maxed a ship you can transfer XP earned to others in your fleet) and ship stats now have clear and consistent categorization: Attack, Defense, Tech and Mobility.

Warzone also brings a new game mode called Extraction. It's a variation on capture-the-flag that focuses on teamplay, mixes up combat and navigational challenge, and forces pilots to use the environment to their advantage.

There are two new maps as well - 'Fleet' is a vast Sisters of EVE space station, while 'Outpost' is a mysterious, fog-shrouded Drifter base, occasionally lit up by flashes of lightning. And yes, there'll still be weekly Wormhole events where you can dive into strange and twisted versions of familiar maps for thrilling new challenges.

As if all this wasn't enough, CCP is introducing a new rewards system in which you can fight over Spoils of War to earn Reward Capsules containing cool items – cosmetics, currency and implants – to enhance your EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone experience. Every battle counts towards unlocking your next capsule, and each one contains a random selection of between two and four Common, Rare or Epic rewards.