This week's newsletter brought some extra news and a final confirmation on some well sought changes to the way Engineers work and the mats they require for their mods.

The main highlights of the patch 2.1.05 are as listed:

  • Adjusting the way the surface scanner works to allow players to see what materials are available from any given planet. This should make locating materials far easier.
  • Making a number of changes to the lowest level blueprints. This includes improving the positive effects of low level upgrade results as well as reducing the cost and simplifying the materials needed.
  • Increasing the number of units players get for each instance of a material they find. This means instead of getting one unit of a material, players will get multiple units of that material. This will allow increased number of attempts at each Engineer.
  • Increasing the number of materials spawned when surface mining. Again, to make the process easier and the materials easier to gather.
  • The likelihood of finding rare materials in these instances will also be increased, meaning it will be easier to use higher level blueprints.
  • Reviewing the balance and locations of non-planet salvage and reviewing the possible USS locations for each material

Knowing all this - at this time it is recommended to wait and not spend your hard earned mats on current rolls. The full list of item changes for the blueprints can be found here, and we should get more info on the patch in the upcoming week-or-two.