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Another Generation ship discovered! The Venusian raided by unknown pirates

Earlier today, Cmdr Klumpozyte shared a location of another generation ship. This one is called Venusian, and it seems its demise were a bunch of raiding pirates of unknown origins.


Patch 2.3.01 farms salt from the community for later usage

Following a major uproar by the general community, Elite: Dangerous gets a fix that addresses many of the bugs introduced in the latest patch - The Commanders.


The long lost generation ship Lycaon found!

Recently, we've had quite a streak when it comes to finding long-lost ships and solving major mysteries within the Elite: Dangerous galaxy. Today – the long lost Generation Ship Lycaon has been discovered!


Expedition signups for the Local Sightseeing Tour

Buckle up your seatbelts, tuck in those passengers and fill up your fuel tanks because yet another exploration expedition is about to start!

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