Gnosis - a scientific-research vessel has been left stranded following a Thargoid attack right after attempting to jump for the Cone sector.

Flagship of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, recently made a hyperspace jump towards the Cone Sector FN-J B9-0 system. A short time later, the following message was received from Captain Mathius Leander of the Gnosis command crew:

“We were a short way into our journey when the Gnosis was hyperdicted by a group of Thargoid vessels. The wrench back into real space caused severe internal damage to multiple systems, including the frame shift drive.”

“There’s no doubt that we would have been destroyed if not for some of the Commanders travelling with us. They lured the Thargoids away while ejecting meta-alloys from their holds. The aliens were more interested in scooping up the meta-alloys than attacking us. The Commanders later reported that the Thargoid vessels were the recently identified Hydra Interceptors.”

“The Gnosis is currently adrift close to the eighth planet of the Outotz ST-I d9-6 system. We have begun essential repairs, but there is a risk that the Thargoids may return before we can escape the system.”

This event was sought after by a huge number of players and judging by EDSM reports, over 10.000 pilots passed through the initial location of the Gnosis, with over several thousand commanders docked on board.

It is of no wonder this latest decision by Frontier left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths. We’re getting reports from people who spent hours and hours grinding guardian tech to be as prepared as possible for the trip as well as hauling their low-jump combat ships over 700 light-years from the bubble only to be let down by the latest course of action.

The Gnosis barely moved – jumping only a few lightyears away from the initial system and is now awaiting further repairs. Yet again – it seems like we’re getting served the same type of CG without any idea what’s coming up next in the “narrative” of Elite Dangerous.

The failed jump made a lot of players question the motives and the general direction Frontier is taking Elite, and combined with the recent news about cancelling and postponing multiple updates that were supposed to come with the final chapter of the Beyond series is definitely not painting a pretty picture…

Hopefully, Frontier has a secret ace up their sleeves to wake up Elite from its current slumber.