The second part of the Beyond Chapter four has landed on the test servers and it brings various patches, tweaks, changes to mining and squadrons!


  • Players can now create a Squadron (for a credit fee), or browse existing ones to join from the right hand cockpit panel
  • Play style tags can be used when creating a Squadron, and as a filter when browsing existing ones
  • Squadrons can be aligned to a Superpower, Power and a Faction
    • Squadron allegiance page allows in depth data on chosen Faction
  • Squadrons can take part in the various leaderboards, and compete for the top spot
  • Squadron feed tab in the Comms panel lists certain events, as well as Public and Internal posts
  • Squadron management tools (applicable to certain ranks):
    • Invite Commanders to join
    • Kick lower ranked members
    • Promote/demote lower ranked members
    • Change lower ranked privileges
    • Create posts
    • Accept applications
    • Set if the Squadron is accepting new members
    • Join in the Leader text chat channel


  • 3 new mining processes added (in addition to the standard mining laser process):
    • Surface Deposits - material deposits that can be found on the surface of asteroids
    • Sub-surface Deposits - material deposits that can be found below the surface of an asteroid
    • Fissures - setting the correct 'Seismic charge' into fissures will split the asteroid apart, allowing the deep core materials to be mined
  • 4 new mining tools added to outfitting:
    • Pulse wave Analyser - a scanner used to pinpoint the correct asteroid once in a ring
    • Abrasion Blaster - used to break off surface material deposits from asteroids
    • Sub-surface Displacement Missile - Allows recovery of sub-surface material deposits from asteroids
    • Seismic Charge Launcher - Allows recovery of deep core materials by splitting the asteroid apart

Bug fixes and Improvements

This update includes numerous fixes for various issues that have been discovered and investigated during the development process, and we'll be introducing additional fixes in the next beta update.


  • NPC ships (military archetype only) should use the reboot/repair option when drives are at 0%


  • Fixed missing background chatter when near surface bases

Cockpit UI

  • Updated descriptions on where to hand in or pay off transactions in the transactions tab


  • Fixed descriptions becoming out of sync, and showing a previous selection
  • Decreased the time it takes for images to appear


  • Added extra feedback to the chat channel tab when the player receives a message

Conflict Zones

  • Fixed Superpower icons not appearing when choosing a side to fight for
  • Ensure faction details are shown in info panel when a CZ is targeted
  • Fixed misspelt word "Captain"
  • Fixed issue where objectives would fail to promptly appear after choosing a side


  • Fixed crash that could occur whilst using FSS mode
  • Fixed crash that could occur during ship reboot/repair
  • Fixed crash that could occur when opening the Codex
  • Fixed crash that could occur when clearing a save
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the Galaxy Map
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur whilst loading in to the game
  • Fixed a crash that could whilst in analysis mode
  • Fixed soft lock that could occur when exiting Galaxy Map and returning to the Codex
  • Fixed crash that could occur when opening the system map
  • Fixed crash that could when dropping into planetary rings
  • Fixed crash that could occur whilst the using the Codex
  • Fixed crash that occur when loading in to the game
  • Fixed crash that could occur when switching screen resolutions
  • Fixed crash that could occur when plugging in a controller
  • Fixed a crash that could occur as a player joins a Multicrew ship that is near a volcanic POI
  • Fixed crashed that could occur when fighting a Hydra
  • Fixed crash that could occur when switching between a mothership and fighter

Crime and Punishment

  • Ensure contacts tab is correctly updated after using the Kill Warrant Scanner


  • Balance pass on the High Yield Shells engineering special


  • Fixed issue with the default Keyboard and Mouse and Classic Keyboard Only control schemes in FSS. Also added additional key bindings for the tuning on keyboard for both of these.
  • Added separate controls for the SAA mode third person camera controls so that they can be bound differently
  • Fixed issue with camera positioning resetting incorrectly when zooming out in FSS mode
  • Switched the Discovery Scanner to a built in module, that is fitted to all ships. This frees up a slot for players to use. Refunded credits too
  • Fixed mismatched temperature readings between FSS and System Map
  • Ensure button icons are used (where appropriate) in the help screens
  • Can now correctly hand in codex data at the Authority Contact for credit reward
  • Fixed some stars flickering when zoomed in
  • Fixed scanned rings not storing their scanned state correctly
  • Removed non-accessible tabs from the comms panel whilst in FSS (text communications will still come though)
  • Added a fade to black when transitioning to FSS mode and back to cockpit
  • Fixed the 'Open Codex' shortcut when player has made a discovery
  • Added a background to the body data when zoomed in to one
  • Reduce aliasing of scanned ring effect
  • Can no longer see planet scan grids when changing zoom level in FSS
  • Reduced wobbling of orbit lines in FSS


  • Removed superfluous 'Threat Level' UI appearing

Guardian Sites

  • Corrected some obelisk symbols to match what the object actually requires
  • Tweaked Guardian material drop rate, in an effort to make it more balanced across the different rarities

Krait Mk.II

  • Balanced the dirt/scratches on the cockpit glass


  • Fixed some situations where the lighting can be overly bright for a few seconds (when exiting some screens)
  • Removed pops in lighting that occur when going to/from supercruise

Material Trader

  • Fixed value being reset to 0 after scrolling to top of the page

Night Vision

  • Players can now turn night vision on/off using the bound key in supercruise and the SRV
  • No longer able to see other players night vision effect
  • Stopped displaying ships night vision whilst the player is in their SRV


  • Tweaked distance at which the orbit lines fade out
  • fixed a a bug where names were not appearing correctly
  • Fixed navigation marker overlapping


  • Fixed livery filters not working

Player Journal

  • Include info on Faction Happiness– in Location and FSDJump events (§4.8,§4.12)
  • Status.json flags indicate if in Analysis mode, and GUI focus shows if in Orrery, FSS, SAA or Codex view (§12)
  • Fixed bug in MissionAccepted and MissionCompleted for donation missions, where the “Donated” key was written twice, one with a string, once with an int (§8.21,§8.22)


  • Corrected Aisling expansion instructions


  • Fixed Lagrange cloud particles and volumes glitching their positions
  • Fixed mining lasers not leaving decals on asteroids
  • Fixed tiling in hi-res screenshots due to lensflares
  • Fixed "Brown Screen" when exiting to main menu and re-entering game whilst parked in an SRV on a planet
  • Motion blurred SRV wheels no longer visible in the livery


  • Added server support to try to get Commanders back into the game after triggering a 'Commander Data' error if their 3.2 ships had more than one FSD Interdictor module equipped.
  • Fix Technology Broker and Material Traders being incorrectly unavailable from Station Services
  • Refined FSS signal types for signals that didn't come from stellar bodies
  • Fix a faction simulation crash when a faction retreats after losing an invasion
  • Fix the player faction submission form to stop offering starsystems that include a rare commodity in its starsystem suggestions
  • Allow faction conflicts to end in a draw if a faction loses 4 days but wins the other 3 days by a huge margin
  • Trigger a new inbox message when a Commander reaches their third Elite non-CQC career rank to tell them about the new decal in outfitting
  • Fix conflict zones, megaships and installations spawning in locations with the wrong frames of reference


  • Fixed incorrect aiming reticule sometimes appearing in the SRV

Stellar Forge

  • Corrected Sednas position on it's orbit
  • Corrected the positions of the three ports around Earth
  • Fixed Moon GD 319 1 A intersecting ring of planet GD 319
  • Fixed some Class V gas giants being overly bright pink


  • Fixed Neutron star cones only appearing in the left eye of the HMD
  • Fixed FSS help screens not appearing in VR
  • Ensure the system scan intermediate zoom background is limited to the overlay grid region (should make intermediate zoom levels more comfortable on VR)
  • Probes should fire based on the targeting reticule instead of the direction you are looking
  • Popups in the orrery view should now be fixed in space, and not follow the camera
  • Ensure bodies discovered with the FSS are centered
  • Corrected oversized icons in orrery view
  • Improvements to head look control when using the orrery
  • Capped the frame rate whilst on the main menu to 90fps, to stop HMD's overheating


  • Fixed the Short Range Composition Scanner displaying its current scan state in the modules panel, which was resulting in a truncated string