During celebrations around the finals of Alliance Tournament XV, the Independent Gaming Commission have found themselves under attack by a mercenary organization identifying themselves as the Redtail Sharks.

Capsuleers from across the cluster are being recruited to defend their casino installations in various locations around New Eden from this new threat, with various rewards offered for ensuring that aggressive Redtail Shark patrols that pose danger to the IGC's business interests are eliminated.

Structure Combat Iterations

This release will bring the next instalment of structure quality of life improvements, as well as the first adjustments to the structure combat system.

Suggestions from the community and the CSM have shaped these initial improvements, which include improved UI/UX feedback during structure deployment, refined access for refuelling structures without the need for additional roles, and balance adjustments to selected structure weaponry to give more varied and unpredictable options when sieging and defending.

The moon scanning UI will also be improved with this release in preparation for the release of Refineries, and the upcoming changes to moon mining.

Corp Insurance In Upwell Structures

With the August release, capsuleers from across New Eden will be able to enjoy the benefits of corporate insurance on their ships via Upwell Structures.

This improvement brings the utilities offered in Upwell structures even closer to parity with stations owned by the empires across New Eden.

UI/UX Improvements - New Map

With the August release, there'll be a number of changes coming to the starmap, including performance improvements, as well as tweaks to improve usability and information visible through the starmap.

UI/UX Improvements - Standings

With the August release, a new display system for standings is coming, which will allow capsuleers to see a more concise and legible breakdown of the standings they hold to each other, and many of the organizations and factions across New Eden.

Persistent Scanning Results

From the August release onwards, scanning progress for cosmic signatures will be stored for capsuleers until they restart their EVE client. The results will no longer be cleared when docking, jumping wormholes, or during any other session change.

In addition to this, signature IDs will be added when saving locations from the probe scanner, to allow easier identification of bookmarks that pilots make during the scanning process.

New SKINs - CONCORD Firewatch

With the August release, capsuleers across the cluster will be able to enjoy a new set of "Firewatch" SKINs for CONCORD Aerospace vessels.

These SKINs will be available for the Pacifier and Enforcer in the New Eden Store on August 15th.