Earlier today, Cmdr Klumpozyte shared a location of another generation ship. This one is called Venusian, and it seems its demise were a bunch of raiding pirates of unknown origins.

Similar to the case of the Lycaon, the location of the new generation ship was found via a listening post that pointed towards the Kitae system. Once there, lock onto the Zephyrus system and fly out a few thousand light seconds for the beacon to pop-up.

The Venusian is very similar to the Lycaon, yet it seems that the people on board knew what supercruise is, which is very strange if the ship originated from the similar time period as the previously found ship.

There are many speculations out there, but it has been confirmed that multiple generation ships actually had faster than light travel – just not at the same level as we have today.

4 logs can be found aboard the ship, telling a story about an unknown raiding party of pirates in “blood red” ships that attacked the ship. Even though the crew tried to hold on as long as they could, they were betrayed in the end by one of their executive officers who led the pirates to the last line of the ship defences.

Again, all logs are superbly voiced over and I hope it becomes a standard thing in-game.