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Tleadi Outpost released

A gate realignment made possible what Teladi have hoped for a long time: a connection to two Teladi systems. X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost opens up these systems to the Teladi and of course, also to you. These new Teladi systems contain many new interesting places. Among these is probably one of the biggest and most impressive stations ever built: the Habitat-class Teladi superstation, Overwatch.

X Rebirth Update 3.0 released

X Rebirth Update 3.0 released

Egosoft announced the release of Update 3.0 for X Rebirth, which comes with a host of new features, improvements and bugfixes. The new features cover different areas of the game ranging from a new crafting feature over improvements in station building and fleet control to new ways of stealing, sabotaging and hacking stations.

Teladi Outpost - Announcing the first DLC for X: Rebirth

Teladi Outpost - Announcing the first DLC for X: Rebirth

While Update 2.51 has just reached the playerbase, Egosoft is already working on the next series of improvements, which will show X Rebirth in a whole new light. The first one being the Downloadable Content (DLC) expansion called The Teladi Outpost. This expansion offers the player exciting new content, such as a new independent storyline and a whole new star system containing two unique sectors.

X Rebirth 2.50 Series Updates

X Rebirth 2.50 Series Updates

In the continuing efforts to improve X Rebirth, Egosoft has released the X Rebirth 2.50 series Updates on Steam (currently at 2.51). Update 2.51 comes with a host of new features many players have asked for. Among those is the external camera and the free cockpit view letting you play the game with a whole new perspective, new shipyards and ship traders...

Behind the scenes of the X Rebirth development

Behind the scenes of the X Rebirth development

Before anyone can start any missions, there have to be ships and stations, NPC and player models, asteroids and planets and other game objects. And if you want to check out the whole process of creating the background for the game - Egosoft made it possible through their official forums!

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