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Summary of The Engineers changes revealed

Summary of The Engineers changes revealed

Even though Frontier announced many of these changes already, a brand new post popped up on the official forums listing all currently known features of the upcoming major patch for Elite.

The ultimate guide to Elite Dangerous exploration

The ultimate guide to Elite Dangerous exploration

So… you finally decided to scratch that exploration itch and toss yourself into the big black? Say no more because we've got you covered! Everything from ship fits to actual locations that will rank you up in no time.


New map improvements coming with the upcoming Engineers patch

The latest Frontier Newsletter shows us some new cool features of the UI and the galactic map regarding community goals.


Time for another video - the winner of the Horizons trailer competition

Commander Notonlythere won the Elite: Dangerous - Horizons trailer competition with an awesome video showing ground assaults, buggy driving, flashy combat and various timelapses.


Frontier thinking of bonuses for Powerplay players in open mode?

There's a recent post on the official Elite forums by lead designer Sandro Sammarco mentioning possible bonuses to players participating in Powerplay that play in open mode. A valid option or unfair towards players that don't play in Open?

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