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Free X-Weekend on Steam

Over the weekend of March 13th to March 15th ALL X games, from the very first X Beyond the Frontier, over the beloved X3 series to the very latest X Rebirth, will be free for an intense weekend of free test playing through the Steam platform.


The great X Rebirth video competition

Today, Egosoft announced the great X Rebirth video competition. The aim of this competition is to find out who can make the best video of X Rebirth following the main theme of showing how your influence the X-Universe! Whether you want to tell a story, show a big battle between capital ships or illustrate the competition between the different factions and corporations is totally up to you.


X: Rebirth now available for Linux

Together with the release of Update 3.50, X:rebirth is entering the public Alpha test phase for the in-house native Linux port of X: Rebirth. Since X Rebirth is a Steam Play title, this Linux port is available to everyone who owns X Rebirth on Steam already.


X Rebirth Update 3.50

Just as usual, update 3.50 not only includes new features, but also fixes and improvements of existing functions. Among these are improvements to the station manager and station owned ship trade behavior, a better balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when the player is not present and an improved response of player owned stations when nearby player ships are attacked.


Tleadi Outpost released

A gate realignment made possible what Teladi have hoped for a long time: a connection to two Teladi systems. X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost opens up these systems to the Teladi and of course, also to you. These new Teladi systems contain many new interesting places. Among these is probably one of the biggest and most impressive stations ever built: the Habitat-class Teladi superstation, Overwatch.

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