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The mystery revealed - Gamescom 2016 (day 4)

The last day of Gamescom and the final livestreams from Frontier… Even though a Thargoid invasion was half expected – we’re still kept in the dark with just vague hints.


Elite: Dangerous - Gamescom 2016 (day 3)

Just recently, I had a discussion with several Elite players about the need of some quality of life patches since Frontier has been pushing semi-bugged features to the game… but it seems they’ve been a few steps ahead of me.


Frontier Twitter Q&A; from Gamescom

During the third day of Frontier Developments Gamescom live stream. a big Twitter Q&A; took place so make sure to take a look because it contains some really interesting info.


Small worlds expedition

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – the official quote of the expedition that invites commanders to kick of their first jump together on September 17th…


Elite: Dangerous - Gamescom 2016 (day 2)

Another Gamescom day is behind us, and so is the second Frontier's stream. Today, the focus was on Ship launched fighters and the crew behind them…

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